Introduction to Core

Welcome, from the Tiny Core development team.

This is a brief introduction to Tiny Core, a unique and minimalist distribution of the Linux operating system and tools. Experienced Linux users won't miss much by skipping straight to the Core Concepts page.

To find out if Tiny Core is the right distribution for you, this document starts at ground zero and says what Tiny Core is not. A few key features follow, and then the page wraps up with links to further reading, where to get Tiny Core, and where to find help.

Afterwards, you can find even more answers by browsing the wiki or exploring the forums. Many questions already have answers, and writing down new questions will help others in the future.

Again, welcome from the Team, and thanks for trying out Tiny Core.

What is Tiny Core?

First, if you don't know what Linux and distributions are, you should read some interesting and conflicting definitions of Linux. Then, read about distributions. In short, the Tiny Core distribution is like a customized version of the Linux kernel and other tools.

Is Tiny Core for me?

If Linux and distributions are confusing to you, then Tiny Core might not be for you. To help you decide, you need to know a few things about Tiny Core.

To get started, Tiny Core is:

If you aren't scared off yet, you need to know that there are some characteristics that make Tiny Core a really unique Linux distribution.

Why is Tiny Core special?

Tiny Core is:

Where to now?

Even if you're itching for the download, take time to read our Quick & Easy Overview. It covers the basics of running Tiny Core from CDROM and/or USB pendrive. Most will find learning Tiny Core the quick and easy way a better starting point.

For advanced information read Core Concepts. It explains how Tiny Core stores and loads your data and programs – it's not traditional (in a good way).

If Tiny Core still sounds good, then get Tiny Core. Don't forget to read both Quick & Easy and Core Concepts!

More questions? Try the forums, and the wiki.


Tiny Core is still a young project, but it is fortunate to attract some great people. Thanks again from the Tiny Core Team.
Catch you in the forums!

dentonlt, 14 February 2009